Why We Created Save The Trails

Most people who enjoy the outdoors, recreation, camping, hunting, fishing, Off Highway Vehicles, horse riding & mountian biking are independant folks. Our jobs, familes & recreation take up a lot of our time. On top of that we do not enjoy going to meetings, reading hundreds of pages of documents & spending hours writing letters. This leaves only a few rare people speaking up to preserve access to public lands and stop the onslught of proposed closures. However there is strength in numbers, so we needed to figure out ways for more people to speak up to help keep our public lands open.
We are the Silent Majority. Save The Trails provides an easy way for us to become more vocal.

Save The Trails was created to help people easily make comments to help keep trails open during the increasing number of public land planning processes, as well as to make comments to legislators to preserve access & keep our public lands healthy. Save The Trails helps leverage the efforts of the few to the many & that is power.

We have donated hundreds of hours of our time as well as our own money to provide the Save The Trails campaigns to help you make a difference by easily making comments. We are totally commited to keeping our public lands open to all forms of recreation.

We hope you will use the Save The Trails letter generators & tell your friends how great they are.
If you find them useful please consider making a donation so we can continue our efforts to Save The Trails.

Thanks-Your friends at Save The Trails

Donations are appreciated to help fund the SaveTheTrails campaigns

Save The Trails campaigns have been endorsed by National Off Road Association, California Four Wheel Drive Association, CORVA, Friends of Forest Hills OHV Trails, Citizens For Balanced Use, Friends of Tahoe Forest Access, Nevada County Woods Riders, Friends of the High Lakes, People for the Protection of Western Heritage, Rubicon Trail Foundation, Citizens for Public Access and others.

Please join your local, state & national club so they can help represent you!!

Save The Trails!!

You can contact us at info@savethetrails.us

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