Do not travel to other country – Travel to another planet

People find new places and things continuously to make adventure. In 1659, Christian Huygens, a Dutch astronomer find the planet Mars. NASA Successfully launched its 1st satellite to Mars on May 30, 1971 named as Mariner 9.This was the 1st mission to place satellite successfully on other planet. PLSVC-25 rocket was India’s 1st satellite place successfully on Nov 5, 2013. Mangalyaan is one of India’s biggest achievements and it takes color photos of Mars launched by ISRO.

Today people visit variety of places in their life and they also like to visit Mars .Most of them makes their life history more interesting to go to this type of place. This is one of the challenging thing and lots of terms and conditions are available to travel on mars. First they take total medical checkup on NASA arranged by Doctors, because outside of our planet there is a possibility to attack magnetic field and ultraviolet rays. This thing easily cause cancer to Human Beings and one of the sensitive part is human body, it easily affected by any radiation.

Factors are involved while travelling to mars

Another one major problem is saving fuel in space. Storing of fuel in mars is hard thing, travel to mars at every 90 minutes they face several problems like sun emits radiation that produce more heat and darkness of space this things easily vaporize liquid hydrogen and oxygen of rocket fuel. Containers of this rocket holding fuel it makes threat to explore the rocket. But it was recently overcome by NASA using the new technology to store fuels in space for long period of time. Unhealthy person went to mars make muscles loss, calcium degradation and recently find news was swelling of the optic nerves. Totally Person who are not take medical checkup they has chance to become weak, brittle-boned, possible to blind all this things are made by radiation waves.

Medical advances and regular exercises are seemed to help the biological problem on space travel. NASA announced the people who are interested to go Mars should stay 500 days in a sealed room for complete monitor’s research. Climate of Mars is not good to stay long period because it was freezy cold and it is not suitable to make camp. Interesting one in mars is having lots of water but that are locked by ice crystals. Mars also contain capability to grow some of the crops. One of the major problem of mars is DUST, spend $17 million to remove dust on mars .Tens and Hundreds of Billion Dollars are required to travel Mars.

Qualifications needed to go mars

The person interested to go to Mars requires some of the qualification like they are person age should above 18 and next this mission contain 4 rounds to go to mars. In 1st round online applications are given, it should be filled and submit. Then some questions asked they to go to Mars, they should explain why they like to foot the legs on Mars. In this online Application forms are available in 11 different languages. At the end of the 1st round one expert will select which applicant will pass to next round.

The person selected in 1st round then he can enter into second round. In this round applicant must submit their medical report and some of the general knowledge question asked to this applicants. Mars expert medical doctor will interviews the person individually about their knowledge questions like what is their part in this life changing mission. The members answered very brilliantly then only they have chance to go next round otherwise they are not selected to fly to mars.

Medical office selects the person who is healthy, smart and dedicated. 3rd round is one of very big challenging round because it is an international selection round. In this mission finally selects 100 members from all over the world and the selected person will participate the inside and outside group dispute to check their capability to work in a group within some limited conditions, trusted their problem solving and creativity things and relevance of communication. All these things are performed well then the person will be selected for next round. Based on the indoor and outdoor group activities candidates will be eliminated.

Final Round on NASA

In 4th round out of 100, 40 members are selected to this round. In this round give training to isolation of candidates after this 40 will automatically reduces to 30. In this 30 members, finally attend the mars settler suitability interview. From this 30, 4 members are selected to go to Mars. Then this selected members are trained how to live in mars. Finally NASA announced for every 26 month a new 4 members will land on mars.

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