Top 5 outdoor date ideas

Want to spend some time with your partner for the summer weekend? Ditch the conventional indoor dinner date and take your special someone out to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the warm summer breeze. Check out these simple and romantic outdoor date ideas that definitely won’t break the bank.

  1. Going to the park

Parks are a good place to enjoy some fun activities for the outdoorsy couple. You can play some Frisbee or swing in the playground. You could also take your bikes with you and go around the park riding them. If you and your partner are pet lovers, you could also bring your pets with you and take them for a walk. You can even set up a romantic picnic with food that you made yourself. Impress your partner with your mad cooking skills, picnic version. Find the perfect spot in the park, put some effort in setting up the area for your picnic date, and enjoy the comfort of each other’s company.

  1. Take a stroll and watch the sunset after work

If you’re the type of couple who are always busy, even on weekends, a short break from work would go a long way. Get off from work earlier than usual and get your partner from her office (you could also bring her some flowers if she’s into that kind of thing). Drive to the nearest boulevard where you could take a walk and watch the sunset together, and have some time to catch up on each other’s activities for the day. Afterwards, you could both grab a bite of your favorite meals in the nearest food stalls or food trucks.

  1. Go on a road trip

Get out of the bustling city and hit the road with your partner. There’s nothing like listening to some of your favorite road trip music and singing to them to your heart’s content. Go on places you’ve never been before and explore new areas with your special person. Aside from discovering new places, you would also get to know each other better and find out a lot of new things. Don’t forget to pack some lunch and munchies, or you could also insert some food trip to your road trip. Always have your GPS ready so you don’t get lost for a long time in the wilderness, or maybe, get a little lost and assure and comfort your partner when she feels scared.

  1. Beach

The beach is always a great date idea for the summer. You and your partner could try to go surfing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, or other water sports. Playing Frisbee and beach volleyball could also be another activity that you could do. Aside from that, you could also rent a private boat and go island hopping. If you have a bigger budget, you could rent a yacht and have a romantic dinner with your partner in a sunset view by the sea. Doing these activities can be pretty tiring and less romantic to some, so you can also just take a stroll by the beach and sunbathe. Enjoy a lovely candle-lit beach dinner afterwards.

If there is no beach nearby and you do not have enough time to drive to the nearest one, a trip to the lake would also be great. You could go swimming and fishing, or have a picnic-style lunch with a breathtaking view from the lake.

  1. Rooftop Dinner

Here’s something that many would agree to – nothing beats the good old dinner date under the beautiful stars with a romantic view of the city. This can be a little bit fancier than the previous four, but it would definitely score you a few points from your partner. If you’re looking for a dinner date and like social media apps like snapchat you should check out SnapSexter as it’s the #1 app for snapsex, snapchat sexting, and Snapchat nudes. You will surely find a dinner date and even get to send snapchat nudes. Book the place ahead of time so you could get a good table where you can see the city view perfectly. Pair your delightful meal with some fancy wine, and get to know each other even more. Good food and enjoyable company always make a date better, and the set up under the night sky and over the city lights makes everything even more romantic.


These are just some of the many different date options you can do outdoors, and some people might prefer doing something else. Whether your date is just a simple walk in the park or it is an extravagant trip to Maldives, remember that what is important is to spend time with your partner doing something that you both love. The beautiful scenery and the far trips are just a bonus.